Xin Tao Yuan

If you've been weaned on a diet of factory-produced noodles all your life, you wouldn't have an inkling of the taste explosion handmade ones can inspire until you came here. The cook expertly pulls, slaps and stretches noodles into shape, all right before your eyes.

This place is renowned for its hand-pulled noodles and dumplings, and the eatery presents a veritable smorgasbord of soups to go with those floury delicacies. The seafood noodle soup came with bits of pseudo-crab meat and one prawn, and while the rest of the dish was bland, the noodles were thick and soft. The paper-wrapped pork appears to be a distant relative of the highly popular paper-wrapped chicken. Instead of the usual chicken, pork ribs wrapped in paper were dipped in oil until they become golden brown - or burned. It's succulent, but if the old ticker's giving you problems, stay away from this.

Other exotic delicacies include the rabbit's ear in chilli and pig's ear.

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